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Plasma samples

Plasma samples

Determination of ADAMTS13 activity and ADAMTS13 inhibitor

Reduction of 10 ml of citrate blood, centrifuge at 1800 g (4000 rpm) for 15 minutes, 22 ° C. resp. Room temperature. Transfer the citrated plasma into a well-labeled, safely sealed sample container.

In a padded envelope or small carton at room temperature, send to the following address.

Delivery address
University of Mainz
III Medical Clinic and Polyclinic, Hematology
E.g. Marina Schmidt, Alina Natovski
Langenbeckstraße 1 / building 605, 1 floor
55131 Mainz, Germany

The plasma samples should arrive at the Hematology ambulanz by 2 pm on Tuesday.
The ADAMTS13 activity is always determined on Wednesdays, and the ADAMTS13 inhibitor at the latest on the following Wednesday.
Please note that the plasma samples can only be accepted on Fridays until noon.

Doctor in charge of the findings is Mrs. Dr. von Auer (Tel.:+49(0)6131/17-5936, email: charis.von-auer@unimedizin-mainz.de).

The results will be available to the attending physician on the following Thursday. The findings are then addressed to the referral physician.

For billing please enclose a letter of referral 6.


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