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Prof. Dr. med. I. Scharrer, University Hospital Mainz, Germany

• Differences in diagnostics and therapy with TTP and HUS (September 2011)
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• TTP and anxiety / TTP and memory impairment / TTP and quality of life (September 2011)
download pdf (285KB)
• Interview with selected e-mail inquiries (September 2011)
download pdf (491KB)
• Diversity of TTP forms and classification (June 2009)
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• News on TTP from Clinic and Research (June 2009)
download pdf (5.9MB)
• Comorbidity (attendant diseases) at TTP (June 2009)
download pdf (3.8MB)

• Relations between TTP and other autoimmune diseases (June 2008)
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• TTP - a disease with many faces (June 2008)
download pdf (2.7MB)
• Drugs as triggers of TTP (June 2008)
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• TTP and travel (June 2008)
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• What is new in research, diagnostics and therapy of TTP? (June 2007)
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• Triggering factors of a relapse, e.g. Medicines (April 2006)
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• TTP: What is it and what consequences does it have? (June 2005)
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• Current treatment options of TTP patients in Germany (June 2005)
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• TTP - less a rare disease than diagnosed too rarely (June 2004)
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• New aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of TTP (September 2003)
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Dr. med. G. Heß, University Hospital Mainz, Germany

Rituximab - mode of action, side effects and potential use of TTP (June 2007)
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• Innovative therapy with antibodies (April 2006)
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Dr. med. W. Miesbach, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

Shearing frequency and relapse treatment (April 2006)
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Dr. med. M. Kunz-Kostomanolakis, University Hospital Mainz, Germany

Plasmapheresis in patients with TTP (April 2006)
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Dr. med. M. Böhm, formerly University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany

New Research on TTP (June 2005)
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