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Relapse avoidance


These data are taken from the author's personal background. They do not claim to be complete, nor do they guarantee that a relapse can be avoided if all strategies are adhered to!
1. Control of the vWF protease
TTP patients should have their vWF protease checked regularly. The frequency of the control is primarily dependent on possible relapse symptoms and on the proportion of proteases determined in the preliminary examination.
2. Avoiding medication
In principle, all drugs should be carefully avoided.
Extreme caution is recommended with the "pill", the "minipille" and the "pill after". Also with acetylsalicylic acid, as it is contained in "ASS" and "Aspirin", should be bypassed cautiously.

3. Avoiding vaccinations
Vaccinations against cholera and yellow fever should be avoided in any case. Likewise, there appears to be a relapse reaction on some drugs for malarial prophylaxis.
Against hepatitis and tetanus can be vaccinated.
4. Avoiding infections
The prevention of infections may also be of particular importance. For this reason, hygiene plays a major role, as does clean food and the avoidance of possible infection paths over other people. Also influenzal and gastrointestinal infections are considered relapse releaser.

5. Active Ingredients
The active substance quinine is considered a relapse releaser.
6. Others
A positive effect on the body seems to be any form of endurance sport. However, no extreme sport should be carried out and care must be taken to ensure sufficient drinking.

Kn, reviewed by Prof. Dr. med. Scharrer


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